BBB The Sisterhood of the Outdoors

To some hunting is a hobby, but for me it is a passion.  I love hunting whether it is by myself or with my husband and family. I hunt as often as I can, and a few times a year I go on an all ladies BBB hunt to feed my soul.  The women I have met through my time hunting on the BBB trips have become like family to me.  Learning new things from like minded women has been amazing.  Not once have I felt like I couldn’t accomplish filling a tag while hunting with these great ladies.  My first hunt with the BBB was a duck hunt in Arkansas.   I had never duck hunted before and never even shot a shot gun.  The minute I pulled into the lodge I knew I was in good hands.  Victoria was in the kitchen making chili super for everyone.  I shared a room with two sister’s who hunted together.  And we became friends quickly.  Its like a hunting slumber party.  After a great first meal together and some time around the camp fire I was comfortable and settled in for the night.  Our first day out in a blind required walking in waist deep water in waders.  I will never forget watching the sun come up and the decoy spread lighting up with rays of sun through the trees.  And just in time it started raining ducks.  For three hours straight we shot until we ran out of shells and had six limits.  Fast forward a few years later and now I realize that was an amazing day in the duck blind that spoiled me just a little.  I have learned so much from hunting with my sisters in the outdoors.  The momments we share and the experience of the friendships are the true trophies.   There may not always be ducks but you can be sure there are fun times in the duck blind with the Sisterhood of the Outdoors.  Book a hunt with BBB!



Saved by Jersey Hooker Charters!

Usually people don’t associate New Jersey with the Outdoors. Being an avid outdoorswoman I know that is not the case. I wanted to show my sisters of Babes, Bullets and Broadheads a great time by booking an off-shore shark/tuna trip. I was so excited and I had girls from all over the country drive and fly in for this awesome trip. I picked up the ladies from the airport and made room at my house for them. We got up early in the morning and got on the road. It was about an hour drive to the dock in Pt Pleasant, NJ. Once we arrive we were surprised to find 6 guys on the boat that we had booked. They said they were booked for the same day and they were not willing to give up their trip. I tried to call the Captain, he would not return my calls or my texts. The Captain called the mate and told him his truck broke down and to shut the boat up, no one was going out. I was devastated. I put a deposit down and had 5 ladies who traveled far to go on this trip. We all frantically made phone calls to try to book another trip. Most charters were booked and we did not want to go on a party boat. I called a boat called Jersey Hooker Charters from Pt Pleasant and spoke to Captain Rich. He told me it was his day off, but he would be willing to come in and try to salvage our day. He said we could do some fluke fishing. The girls really wanted to go off-shore fishing, but fluke was better than nothing. Captain Rich called in his friend Captain George, who was already on a boat fishing. They both arrived about 45 minutes later and Captain Rich told us he would take us off-shore for tuna. We could barely contain or excitement, what a rollercoaster ride the day had become. The weather was great and the trip off-shore was beautiful. Once we got off-shore the fishing was slow, but Captain Rich and George tried everything they could to get us on fish. We were supposed to head back in at 4, but the fishing turned on late, so they kept us out there until we caught our limit. Capt George was great to us, he had so much patience and he helped us reel in the fish! I can’t say enough about Captain Rich with Jersey Hooker Charters. Taking his day off to make sure we had a great experience. I will be booking another ladies trip with Jersey Hooker Charters!   To book a great trip with them visit!  Tell them the ladies of Babes, Bullets and Broadheads sent you!


Boulder Basin Outfitters Review

I have had the pleasure of going on two trips with Carl and his crew at Boulder Basin Outfitters.  And I am planning my third trip at this moment   If I had the time and the money I would go every year.  I am from the south but I have been blessed to spend time in the west many years with my family and friends.  I know what the Rocky Mountians are like all year long.  I have camped in the Black Hills and Yellow Stone area several times.  I know these areas are fun but unforgiving if you are not prepared when you take the trail less traveled and get off the grid.  That’s where having an outfitter like Boulder Basin Outfitters can get you to places you never dreamed you could go.  And do it safely.

Carl and his team are expert hunting guides and have the trophy’s to prove it.  But I think the most important part is the total experience from beginning to end that his group creates for you.  Once you book a hunt or pack trip with Carl you will have all the information you need for packing for your trip and being well prepared.  This makes it easy for those on a first time big game pack trip or the summer fishing trips.  The beginning of the trip starts with loading the pack mules and getting settled on a very trail worthy horse.  Carl and his team have the pack train and horse ride down to a fine art.  The trail ride up the mountian is senic and majestic in some areas.  It’s very relaxing being on a sure footed horse sattled with great gear and don’t forget those binoculars!

Once in camp the accomidations are comforatble and well thought out.  The side walled tents with cots and bed pads offer privacy and comfort.  There is a camp fire area and dining tent area.  Speaking of dining, did I mention the amazing food they prepare:  steaks on an open fire grill, hot breakfast in a dutch overn, sack lunches and snacks for all day on the mountain, hot coffee and the specialty drink at camp, TANG!   Any special request or diet can be accomidated just by calling ahead of your trip. There is no going hungry with this group.

Whether you are hunting or on a summer pack trip you will be comforatble, safe and little spoilded on your trip.  The best part is meeting new people, listening to camp fire stories and experiencing the wilderness area with top notch guides.  Second to that would be the fish you catch or the tags you fill along the way.   Visit to reserve your trip today!

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