Our field staff are dedicated to our mission to take women outdoors. Our staff are located all over the US and are diverse in their areas of expertise. They are licensed guides, outfitters, weekend warriors, certified instructors and most of all mentors to those willing to learn. Staff members are essential to making our trips a success. Our host handle many of the logistical planning and licenses information for our guest. Sharing their experience and love of the outdoors is their passion.

Amy Ray - President

Amy Ray is the President and CEO of The Sisterhood of The Outdoors, a company dedicated to creating opportunities for women to hunt, fish and learn to shoot. Her vision is to provide meaningful opportunities for women in all outdoor and shooting sports and to increase the number of new women introduced to these sports. Under Amy’s direction the company has improved its reach to women all over the US who are interested in learning more about hunting, fishing and shooting. She has a dedicated group of professional field staff, many of which are licensed instructors, outfitters and guides who are dedicated to promoting the mission of Sisterhood Outdoors. Amy is an NRA certified pistol instructor, and a member of the NRA, a staff shooter for Shoot Like A Girl, Pro Staff at Cabela’s, a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, The National Wild Turkey Federation, and Ducks Unlimited. Since 2010 Sisterhood Outdoors has grown 300% and provided more than 150 women opportunities to go hunting, fishing or shooting each year. Through her leadership and staff development the Sisterhood of The Outdoors has become number one in the industry for women to join in on the outdoor fun and book hunting, fishing and shooting adventures. Amy is an avid hunter and shooter. She has harvested, bull elk, cow elk, antelope, whitetail deer, geese, ducks, turkey, rabbits and pheasants. She enjoys encouraging and mentoring women in the outdoors and her goal is to increase the opportunities and access to women to enjoy the outdoors sports.

Brittany French

Brittany was born and raised in Southwest Kansas where she grew up shooting guns and enjoying the outdoors in many ways. Brittany is the Director of Field Operations for the Pass It On Outdoor Mentors Program. This program’s mission is to match caring adults with a passion for the outdoors with the youth in our communities that want to learn about the outdoors.It is through volunteering that she found her true passion, guiding and mentoring youth in hunting, fishing, and conservation. She loves hunting Dove, Pheasant, Turkey, and Deer. Brittany is continuously looking for new ways to get involved in the outdoors, as well as opportunities to learn from others. She is a volunteer hunter education instructor and enjoys introducing the sport of hunting to youth.

Victoria Jones - Staff Coordinator

Victoria is a licensed waterfowl guide and has been hunting waterfowl on the Eastern Shore or Maryland since she was a child. She is the daughter of an avid hunter, and learned from a very early age the enjoyment of the outdoors. Although she enjoys big game hunting, especially elk, Victoria loves to hunt Canada Geese. She loves to share her expertise with other women, and annually hosts Women’s Waterfowl Weekend, which is a hunting and educational opportunity for women to learn the sport of waterfowl hunting.

Lana Van Winkle - Hunt Coordinator

Lana Van Winkle is woman with a passion for the outdoors. Bow hunting for whitetail deer is her passion as well as hunting turkey, duck hunting and fishing. She is on several outdoor staff passing along her passion for hunting to others. She serves as the Hunt Coordinator and Pro Staff for The Sisterhood of the Outdoors. She is Elite Pro Staff for Echo Duck Calls, as well as a member of the Drake Waterfowl Elite team. She serves as a Independence County committee member for the NWTF. She is a board member for the Independence County Trap Range. Her major accomplishments are winning the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Women’s World Duck Calling Championship in Stuttgart, Arkansas. She has been trained by the top callers in the world out of the Echo Duck call shop, owned by Rick Dunn, to achieve that goal. She won first runner up the two years prior to winning the championship. Now that she must retire from the Women’s division, she hopes to achieve a place in the Men’s World Championship. Lana gained her hunting experience, by learning how to hunt on her own and advice from other experienced hunters. Some of her past experience include being a shotgun instructor and trap coach for 7 years. She worked as duck guide for four years at a outfitter service in Arkansas. She is also a competitive 3D archery shooter. She also mentors women across the country helping them find their passion for the outdoors.

Alexis Edison

  • Macon, GA
Alexis was born and raised in Georgia, where she grew up alongside her three siblings. She was introduced to hunting by her father at the young age of eight years old. This is where her true passion in the outdoors began. By the age of ten years old, Alexis had harvested the majority of big game species and migratory birds in Georgia. Not long after, she started competing in shotgun shooting sports and found a new passion of hers. Alexis has travelled the United States to win several national and state level shooting competitions along side the professionals. She absolutely loves introducing women of all ages to the outdoors, especially to shooting sports. There is a huge sense of accomplishment when she is able to share her knowledge and experiences in shooting sports, hunting, fishing, or simply being in the outdoors.

Joella Bates

  • Middle TN
Joella is a life-long hunting and fishing fanatic. She was born and raised near Kentucky Lake on a farm in Waverly, TN. While still in diapers, her dad took her fishing. Before turning six, she followed in his footsteps hunting squirrels, rabbits and quail and in 1975, she scored on her first whitetail deer. Joella shot on the Univ. of TN at Martin Rifle Team as she completed a degree in Natural Resources Management with emphasis in Wildlife Biology which lead to her becoming a TN Wildlife Officer. She later completed a M.S. in Biology from TN Tech, as she worked in Fisheries Management with TWRA and later as an Environmental Scientist with TVA. Joella’s love for hunting spread to bowhunting which she has passionately pursued to take 80 different species using compounds, traditional bows and crossbows. Joella is still the only lady bowhunter to take Africa’s Big 5 with archery gear. Joella is an 11-time 3D Archery World Champion, outdoor writer, certified archery instructor and coach (she trains instructors for USA Archery, S3DA, NASP and Centershot Ministries). You can find Joella sharing motivational messages, educational seminars and conducting JoCamps Archery Boot Camps for youth and adults around the USA. Joella hunts whenever and wherever she can, but now puts more emphasis on mentoring and educating youth and women hunters.

Liz Butler

Liz is from the state of Missouri and is employed as a law enforcement officer. Liz is relatively new to hunting, having just started the 2018 fall waterfowl season. She instantly fell in love with waterfowl hunting and has become a quick student of the sport. During her first season she has had success harvesting her first teal, wood ducks, mallard , Canada goose, snow goose, and specklebelly goose. Liz also hunts whitetail deer. Liz is always looking for adventure in the outdoors. Liz supports other women and hopes to make connections along the way.

Natasha Gentele

Natasha was born and raised in Minnesota where she fell in love with the outdoors as a child, although she did not start hunting until she was 15! Her true passion for upland hunting started when she got her first Labrador Retriever. She now resides in a small town in Nebraska where she is an EMT/Firefighter and owns a Labrador breeding and training business. Her Labs are bred for hunting and competition in AKC/HRC hunt tests! When she needs some down time you can usually find her in the woods guiding for Whitetail deer or Merriam turkey. She loves shooting archery, rifle, shotgun and muzzleloader. She has hunted whitetail deer, turkey, pheasant, ducks, geese, prairie chickens, and coyotes. Tasha loves encouraging women and youth to get out in the outdoors, during the fall you can find her at many mentor events and teaching hunters education as a certified instructor.

Kailey Miles

Growing up in the city, Kailey didn’t get to start hunting until last season, at age 20. Her boyfriend took her out on her first whitetail hunt last season, and she was lucky enough to bag her first buck within the first 15 minutes of their hunt. Besides whitetail, she also likes to hunt squirrels and fish for flounder. In addition, she also shoots for the Lehigh Valley Trapshooters League for the Ontelaunee Rod and Gun Club. This year, she had the opportunity to drive all the way out to Wyoming and shot her first Pronghorn doe. She also recently participated in the Women’s Waterfowl Weekend with the Sisterhood Outdoors and shot her first canadian goose. She’s currently enrolled at Drexel University for Information Systems and lives with her boyfriend in Germansville, PA. She’s excited to be apart of the Sisterhood of the Outdoors and expand her hunting skills, as well as encouraging other women to get involved with the outdoors.

Ronda Johnson

Ronda was introduced to hunting & fishing & the all the great outdoors by her grandpa and father whom were both avid outdoorsmen. Growing up in Louisiana it became a way of life for her it’s in her DNA. Ronda has passed her DNA and knowledge onto two more generations of women hunters. Keeping her hunting heritage going strong for generations to follow. She loves to hunt whitetails and is obsessed with turkey hunting. Ronda passion is working with the physically challenged helping them to enjoy the great outdoors and all it has to offer them once again. Ronda takes great pride and joy out of working with these hunters. It’s about the opportunity not the outcome.

Here are a few of her accomplishments
2009-present chapter president of NWTF local chapter Dorcheat Bayou Gobblers
2009-present La NWTF State board
2015-present La NWTF state board treasurer
2010 Mossy Oak pro staff (turkey southern division)
2016, 2018, & 2019 Mossy Oak Pro Staff of the year
2012-present Barksdale Warriors board
2018-present La field staff for Sisterhood of the outdoors
2015- NWTF National Wheeln Sporstmen Volunteer of the year
2019-inducted into the La Legend of the Outdoors
2020-NWTF National Lynn Boykin Heritage Award 

Marla Van Blaricom

Marla is from Wind Lake, Wisconsin and her day job is a Registered Nurse. Marla’s passion for the outdoors is dedicated to her parents. Ever since she was born her mom and dad got her involved with many outdoor events. They would take her camping, hunting, fishing, archery shooting and trap shooting. Since then her passion for the outdoors has only grown. She immerses herself in any outdoor opportunity poossible ranging from waterfowl hunting, upland hunting, turkey hunting, whitetail deer hunting (rifle and bow), fishing and bowfishing. Her dream is to get more women involved with the outdoors and to help empower the younger generation to enjoy the outdoors like she has. She is very thankful to have had such great opportunities growing up and she wishes to share this with the next lady hunter.

Holly Morgan

Holly was raised on a farm just outside of Chattanooga, TN. As a child she spent a lot of time outdoors with her family and shooting guns with her father and uncle. She grew up around hunting and had a love for all things outdoors, but she didn’t start hunting until she was an adult. In 2014, she decided to go whitetail hunting with her uncle and has been addicted ever since. Holly’s passion for hunting has expanded over the years to different types of wild game, but her favorite has become upland birds such as pheasant and dove. She loves connecting with other woman to share her knowledge and passion as it creates lifelong friendships!

Jamie Robinson

Jaimie grew up in the Laurel Highlands of Western Pennsylvania. Watching animals from her back porch and exploring the nearby forests were a daily pastime. Jaimie started hunting in 2006 when she moved to Colorado and was invited on a Wyoming antelope hunt. Jaimie has been a bow hunter since she picked up a bow shortly after that first rifle hunt. Over the past few years, her passion for hunting has taken over her life. Jaimie works hard to be fit and ready for hunting as well as acting as an advocate for getting other women out there. Jaimie’s favorite animal to hunt is mule deer but her passion for hunting has shown no limits as she is willing to try out all forms of hunting regardless of species.

Cathy Champion

Cathy was introduced to hunting and the outdoors sports at a young age by her father who was an avid sportsman. From her fathers introduction and now into adulthood, Cathy’s connection to the outdoors sports grew. Cathy enjoys hunting whitetail deer and turkey, but her true passion is wing shooting. She is a certified shotgun instructor and former hunter education instructor. Cathy takes great enjoyment from sharing her knowledge of hunting and shooting with other women.

Linley Spinale

Linley has always loved the outdoors since she was a little girl. It wasn’t until she was a teenager that she got into hunting and fishing. She didn’t grow up with a hunting family, it was her husband that introduced her to all things hunting. Linley loves to waterfowl hunt but her favorite thing to do is bowfish. The Sisterhood has been a huge part of making her into the independent outdoors woman she is today. She’s passionate about getting anyone started into the outdoors and loves watching new hunters become passionate too.

Carol Cherington

Carol is an accomplished Wild Game Chef, Outdoor and Wild Cuisine Writer, as well as an enthusiastic Outdoors Woman. She has successfully hunted waterfowl, upland birds, small game, and larger game such as elk, antelope, and boar. Carol has hunted in the USA and in Argentina. Carol and her husband Joel make an annual trek to Wyoming, and hunt for 95% of their meat. She loves hunting, cooking, catering, and teaching. She has completed all of her NRA Basic Disciplines (Shotgun, pistol, and rifle) and is working on her NRA Instructor Certifications. Carol shares her passions via Sisterhood of the Outdoors, Maryland Hunting Quarterly, Baltimore Sun, Maryland Hunting Coalition, Her Mind Magazine, and her website www.HuntCookRepeat.com

Courtney Nicolson

Courtney is an avid hunter and angler originally from Cape Cod, MA. She began hunting in 2012. Wingshooting is her passion, but you can also find her chasing elk in the Colorado mountains with her bow. She is a volunteer hunter education instructor as well as a passionate conservationist.

Emily Brogdon

Emily learned early on in her childhood how to hunt and shoot. She learned these skills from her father who was a passionate hunter and knew that Emily would love the outdoors. He was right! Emily enjoys hunting whitetail deer, turkey, and geese, but her favorite is duck. She loves to share her passion of the outdoors with other women that loves it just as much as she does. She focuses on bringing more women to take on the adventure of the outdoors and gain hunting and shooting skills.

Kaitlin M. Zoida

Kaitlin has been a part of the Sisterhood Outdoors since 2015. Kaitlin mostly hunts waterfowl, archery whitetail, and eastern wild turkey. She has been involved in the outdoors at an early age due to her father introducing her to his Taxidermy profession and a prior archery/butcher shop. She anticipates hosting annual snow goose and bow fishing trips in New Jersey with the Sisterhood Outdoors.

Katie Olszewski

Katie is an avid hunter and outdoor adventure junkie. Katie’ s love for the outdoors started at a young age, although her hunting adventures didn’t start until her late teen age years. Not growing up in a hunting family, she took it upon herself to take her love and curiosity for the outdoors to the next level. She signed herself up for hunters safety and went off on her own teaching herself how to hunt through trial and error. Katie’s very passionate about big game, and upland bird hunting with her dogs. Katie is a registered Mentor in the state of Wisconsin, and hopes to inspire women of all ages, who might need an extra little push, to try something new in the outdoors!

Sarah Kasprzak

Sarah grew up on a large farm in Southeastern WI, and that is where her love and passion for the outdoors began . . . a passion that drives her to dedicate as much time as she can to being in the outdoors. Sarah credits her Dad for introducing her to hunting and she quickly embraced the lifestyle. One of the biggest reasons she fell in love with hunting was the camaraderie and the bond she experienced between fellow hunters that she has hunted with. Between fulfilling her duties as a mother and wife, working at her full time job, and helping on her family’s farm, Sarah appreciates any time available to sneak in the back field of her family farm to call in a big gobbler in the spring, take a few hours on a summer night to go bow-fishing, spend all day in her deer blind waiting for that big buck to come along during the fall rut, or taking her family ice fishing on the local lake in the middle of winter, in hopes to snag that big Northern Pike. Sarah enjoys all types of rifle hunting, archery hunting, and fishing. Some of her favorite hunts are right in her home state of WI; these include rifle/archery whitetail deer, turkey, bear, and ice fishing. Other hunts she enjoys are Elk, Mule Deer, Gator, Hog, and Antelope. One of Sarah’s goals is to get more women and young girls involved in the outdoors because she knows firsthand that being active in the outdoors can change a person’s entire perception on life.

Krissy Hamaker

Krissy started hunting as a adult…tried it, liked it and has stuck with it for the past 15 years. She is the solo hunter in her family but hopes that as her children grow they will take an interest and start hunting with her. Krissy has hunted whitetail deer, turkey, wild hog, goose, duck and wild sika deer. Archery hunting is her passion but she enjoys rifle, muzzleloader and shotgun hunting as well. Pretty much anything outdoors Krissy enjoys – camping, hiking, skiing, biking, fishing and hunting. Krissy hosts the Maryland Eastern Shore archery sika deer hunt annually in November and enjoys sharing the experience of hunting this elusive creature with others through the Sisterhood.

Megan Wells

Megan Wells grew up in a small town in Southern Indiana. Her father is a farmer and her mother’s family ran a barge service on the Ohio River. She was a “tom boy” and spent most of her time running a combine or driving a semi on her father’s farm. Her first introduction to hunting was when she nine years old and began quail hunting with her father. When demands for high school became greater and she got “horse crazy” her left hunting behind. It was not until she met her husband Marc that hunting and fishing really became a lifestyle. He introduced her on their second date to “jugging” on the Walbash River for catfish. Marc later told Megan that after he saw that she could back a boat down a boat ramp that he was going to marry her. The two later moved to Oklahoma to finish their college degrees at Oklahoma State University. During college Marc and Megan found out that Oklahoma had a lot to offer the outdoorsman. They began upland, turkey and waterfowl hunting in different areas of the state. They decided that they needed a good dog to retrieve their birds, but wanted to have something to do in the summer off season. So, Marc purchased a puppy for Megan and she competing in AKC hunt test and field trials traveling all over the Midwest to campaign their dog. “I was very blessed that we had a professional trainer who was three miles away from us and he let me come out after work and on the weekends to teach me how to train my dog.” Marc and Megan had a lot of people from Indiana and Oklahoma wanting to hunt with them so they started Fowl Weather Retrievers and Outfitters in 2008. They bred labs for AKC Hunt Tests and Field Trials and have a lab who they continue to campaign. After 13 years of living in Oklahoma Marc took a new job and the couple moved to Minnesota where they have started a family and hunt large game and upland birds. I got involved with The Sisterhood of The Outdoors in the summer of 2013. My friend Scott Mclamore called and asked if he could rent out my apartment because he had a group of girls coming to Oklahoma to go noodling for catfish. I thought to myself, “I’m not sure how much I will like being around nine girls.” But Scott promised that I would like them and said they were a lot of fun. Well, he could not have been more right. I never knew that there were so many girls who enjoyed hunting and fishing as much as I do and just want to have a good time. I am very excited to be a part of The Sisterhood of The Outdoors because they are women who are just like me.”

Ann Lavery

Ann is an avid archery hunter and angler. She was raised on a dairy farm in Central Michigan. Growing up with parents who taught her the noble ways of the outdoors as well to be a good steward of the land. She is inspired by her parents spectrum of knowledge and enjoys passing those values and techniques onto her son, Jake. Ann has harvested many archery whitetails, which includes one Pope & Young Whitetail in 2008. She also archery hunts for turkeys and Michigan Black Bears. Ann has a special interest in Fly Fishing. She fishes all of the seasons in Michigan pursuing Steelhead, Salmon, Pike, Smallmouth Bass and Trout. Growing upon a river in Michigan drew her interest to the water naturally. During the winter month ice fishing is also a great adventure for her from spearing Pike, Lake Trout on tip ups, to surfing for Brown and Rainbow Trout. Ann shares her passion with many and likes to show beginners into the angling world. She finds great solitude and reward in fly fishing the Mitten State!

Emily Reinert

Emily is an avid hunter in the state of Minnesota who has been chasing animals from a young age. She enjoys hunting a wide range of animals: white-tailed deer, bear, turkey, grouse, duck, goose, pheasant, elk or coyotes as often as she can. Growing up in central Minnesota, she came from many generations of hunters, and it is truly ‘in her blood’ to be outdoors. Whether at the cabin, in the deer stand, or in her boat, she is at home.

Marie Ambrose

Marie doesn’t come from a family that hunts, but at 19 years old she took up this new hobby with her father and turned it into a passion. The first two years of hunting were spent walking the fields and climbing through the thicket in pursuit of pheasants. She loves upland bird hunting and it will always be the start of her hunting journey, but she began to want more! After a while she ventured off to try her hand at deer and waterfowl. This year she had success harvesting a small buck, a couple ducks, and geese. Another passion of hers that goes hand in hand with hunting is sustainable and nutritious food. Currently studying nutrition in college and teaching nutrition programs to children in the afternoons, she spends a lot of time promoting fresh local foods and wild game is one of them! Marie is looking forward to expanding her hunting skills and encouraging more women to join the world of hunting by being apart of the Sisterhood of the Outdoors Field Staff.

Nikki Cooper

Nikki Cooper a.k.a Peaches is from Pennsylvania. She began hunting when she was 16 years old. Her very first hunt she harvested a deer with her 30-30 rifle and so her hunting adventures began. Since that first day she has evolved her hunting skills and has become an adept waterfowl hunter. She also loves to fly fish and travel. Nikki is involved with many local organizations that support both youth involvement and Conservation efforts. She has hosted various waterfowl hunts for The Sisterhood. Nikki loves mentoring youth and women because as she says “what’s better than harvesting animal or catching a fish? Teaching and watching that person be successful!”

Ashley Kelly

Ashley has lived on the coast her entire life and just recently moved to rural Alabama where she has found a new love for the outdoors. She finds peace in watching the sun rising from a box blind during whitetail season and enjoys hearing the geese fly during migration. Her passion for the outdoors stemmed from a childhood of deep sea fishing off of the coast of Panama City Beach, trolling for Spanish mackerel in the bay and fly fishing for bream in the Dead Lakes. She has had the privilege to hunt alongside the Sisterhood of the Outdoors and achieved personal accomplishments to include long range shooting making impacts as far as 1000 yards, and hunting wild elk out west in the vast states of Wyoming and Colorado. The Sisterhood of the Outdoors has provided a pathway for her to build friendships and mentor other women along the way. Doing so has given Ashley the ability to share the knowledge she has gained and provided an avenue for women to turn their dreams into reality. She shares there is no better success than to know you have impacted someone’s life in a way that will forever change theirs.

Kate Ahnstrom

Upland Birds, Waterfowl, Small Game, Whitetail Kate is a professional associate instructor of the Paragon School of Sporting, certified NRA shotgun instructor and owner of Virginia Shooting Sports. Her dedication to her students is evident in each and every lesson. She devotes much of her time and resources to educating women and youth in the shooting sports and, is very active in supporting veteran groups. Along with competing in sporting clays, Kate also competes in 3D archery tournaments. Although most of her time is spent instructing and guiding, she relishes any opportunity to get into the woods with her bow, shotgun or rifle. She organizes and assists with several upland and waterfowl hunts throughout the season and personally offers an annual excursion to New Zealand in pursuit of red stag. She and her husband have a small farm in central Virginia and share their love of the outdoors together, rain or shine. A lifelong equestrian, Kate is very active in the Virginia Percheron Association, raising awareness of the breed and helping to preserve the traditions of small farming and draft horses.

Jessica Ware

Jessica Ware is our field staff member from New York. Jessica enjoys hunting all big and small game animals, Turkey, and waterfowl, as well as freshwater and ice fishing. She is also an avid hiker and backpacker. Jessica enjoys mentoring others in the outdoor world because she grew up without family mentors and longed for the things she couldn’t do on her own. She now enjoys sharing her self taught ways with others in hopes no one goes without the opportunity to get outdoors. Jessica also has gone through extensive training with a handgun and often mentors friends at her local gun range.

Sydney Hunter

Sydney didn’t start hunting until she was an adult, but since then she fell in love with the great outdoors and outdoor sports. Sydney is an avid bow hunter for white tailed deer. Aside from bow hunting, she loves to fish and to train her Boykin Spaniel to retrieve. Sydney is also a active volunteer teaching kids fishing and archery skill through her local 4H and various youth groups.

Megan Beach

Megan has had a love for the outdoors since she was a child. She grew up in Portland, Oregon where she was active in fishing, crabbing, hiking and camping. After high school, she spent almost nine years serving her country and traveling the world in the United States Navy. Later, Megan moved to Western Nebraska where she currently resides and received her degree in Veterinary Technology. She has found her true passion while living in Nebraska, waterfowl and turkey hunting. In her spare time she fishes, hunts, rescues dogs and helps clean waterfowl at Cheyenne Ridge Outfitters. Along with becoming a certified NRA pistol instructor, Megan is excited to hunt with more women and young girls and plans on getting involved with beginner hunters in the near future.

Shannon Beck

Shannon Beck is from Oklahoma is currently lives in Texas. She is a Whitetail deer and Rio turkey guide and has been hunting both in Texas and Oklahoma for 20 years. She enjoys hunting whitetail, Elk, pronghorn, Turkey, hogs and exotics and hopefully someday moose, bear and caribou: She loves to share her love for the outdoors with other women and children and is looking forward to hosting future women’s events in Texas.

Shantane Strohschein - Youth Hunt Coordinator

Shantane Strohchein is a Wyoming Native with a passion for hunting, helping others and enjoying life. She is a licensed outfitter in the Wyoming for hunting antelope. She prides herself in providing a personalized hunt for everyone that hunts with her. She is proud to host a ladies archery veteran hunt and youth hunt each year that provides special opportunities for her hunters. Watching others success and making memories in the field is what life is meant to be about. She enjoys hunting all species and fishing during her off time and spending as much time outdoors as she can. Her family and friends are the most important thing in the world to her. Life is truly fast and short, be thankful for every day!

Lisa Reyes

Lisa is a Firefighter/Paramedic in Kansas. Her job is very demanding and stressful where she finds her stress relief through the outdoors. Her grandfather would take her fishing as a little girl and since then has loved it. Her passion is bowhunting and enjoys hunting for whitetail deer, ducks, and alligators. Getting women involved in the outdoors has been an interest she has had for a while by introducing her daughters and friends into the adventures she experiences. She feels strongly about empowering women to do things they have never experienced before.

Havely Holt

Havely is a newcomer to the hunting and fishing scene. She was raised in northeastern Wyoming and now resides in the central part of the state. Growing up, she spent time hunting and riding with her dad, fishing with her grandpa, and camping with her family. However, she only recently began hunting and fly fishing as an adult. Havely began her fly fishing journey in 2015 after her dad encouraged her to give it a try. Her first fish was a beautiful Rainbow and she has spent endless hours on the water since then. Havely went on to find success at the Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt in 2017, which encouraged her to develop her passion for hunting. She enjoys hunting big game, waterfowl, upland, and small game; but her heart is most full when she is casting on a river or mountain stream. Havely spends as much time as she can outside, nurturing her love for the outdoors. She volunteers as a mentor and fundraiser for the First Hunt Foundation, fundraiser for Ride the Range – providing scholarships to women veterans to participate in the Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt, and owner of PEAK Fish Camp – Promoting Empowerment, Adventure, and Knowledge. She is excited to be part of the Sisterhood and have the opportunity to empower other women and girls in outdoor adventures.
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