Organization ‘aims’ to provide resources for women who want to hunt, fish, shoot

The Sisterhood of the Outdoors participates in a variety of trips and activities for women who love the outdoors. (Photo: Contributed)

A national organization that started in Tennessee is aiming to create opportunities for women who like to hunt, shoot and fish.

The Sisterhood of the Outdoors originated in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee and now has a presence in more than 30 cities nationwide.

“Women like to travel in groups and enjoy each other’s company when participating in sports, and hunting is no different,” the organization’s CEO Amy Ray said.

The group was founded in 2010 by three friends who wanted to share their love of the outdoors by creating guided hunting trips for women.

The organization is a chance for women that enjoy hunting, shooting and fishing to meet friends that share their passions. (Photo: Contributed)

Getting started
First operating under the name Babes, Bullets and Broadheads, the business grew quickly as women all over wanted to share their passion for hunting with friends.

“Typically, women don’t decide to try hunting on their own,” Ray said. “They are introduced by family or friends.”

Ray’s first husband died of cancer and she found herself lost with two young boys.

“I met my current husband, Scott, who is an avid outdoorsman and he taught me to shoot and hunt,” she said.

Ray grew up in Dalton, Georgia and was a field staff member with Babes, Bullets and Broadheads. She was also an avid participant of that group and close friends with the previous founders.

She purchased the business in December of 2014 and rebranded the organization in 2016 to The Sisterhood of The Outdoors.

Learning about the outdoors
Today, Sisterhood of the Outdoors creates more than 100 opportunities a year for women who want to get outside.

“No one learns to hunt, fish and shoot on their own; we want to be there for anyone interested in learning to hunt, shoot or fish,” she said.

The Sisterhood of the Outdoors has more than 40 field staff members across the United States that are certified instructors and mentor those willing to learn.

“We prepare our guest for each hunt and teach them everything from weapon of choice, to how to hunt and what it takes to process your harvest and prepare a great wild game meal for your family,” Ray said.

The Sisterhood of the Outdoors books hunting and fishing trips with outfitters and with the help and support of many partners including Cabela’s and Shoot Like a Girl.

Staff members mentor others all year long, by teaching archery, calling, shooting and fishing.

Members have opportunities to participate in real-world trips all over the U.S. and meet other women who are also passionate about the outdoors.

“There is something special about finally making the connection to the wilderness and the conservation of wildlife,” Ray said.

The organization has a lineup of big game hunts and waterfowl hunts this season.

They can be found on the website.

More information
The Sisterhood of the Outdoors reaches more than 40,000 subscribers on social media and about 500 subscribers to the email system.

“It’s truly a calling,” Ray said. “With the love and support of my family, I am afforded the privilege to introduce women to the outdoors and my reward is the friendships and memories made,” Ray said.

An annual membership price of $45 includes access to many activities and groups to connect with fellow hunters.

To learn more about The Sisterhood of the Outdoors or to participate in upcoming events and scheduled hunts, visit its website.

Savannah Bennett is a contributing writer. She currently attends UTC where she is a feature writer for the student newspaper, The University Echo. She is a double major in communication and English. Savannah was also a participant in the Disney College Program during the fall of 2017.