Sisterhood Outdoors Announces Weatherby Sponsorship

CHATSWORTH, Ga. – June 11, 2019 – PRLog — The Sisterhood of the Outdoors™, a woman-owned company offering guided hunting and fishing trips to women all over the United States, announced Weatherby®, Inc., (Weatherby) as the official rifle sponsor for all big game hunts as well as their annual youth antelope hunt in the fall of 2019. Having Weatherby as a partner for a second year in a row affirms their support for all women in the outdoors.

Headlining the sponsorship is the Weatherby Vanguard® Camilla™ rifle, known for its design, specifically tailored to female shooters. The Camilla™ rifle proved to be an amazing rifle for The Sisterhood of the Outdoors 2018 hunting season and they are excited to have Weatherby supporting their fall hunting line-up again this year. “We strive to create the best possible experience for our hunters and shooting the Weatherby Camilla™ proved to be on the mark last season,” said Amy Ray, President of The Sisterhood of the Outdoors. “Our hunters will experience the exceptional quality and accuracy of the Camilla™ in the field. Designed by women, for women, the Camilla™ fits women exactly as a rifle should while providing the confidence of SUB-MOA accuracy,” Ray added.

“The Sisterhood of the Outdoors specializes in taking new and experienced hunters on dynamic hunts all over the U.S.,” said Ray, “We are proud to supply our guests with the Camilla™ this year. We are driven to mentor and teach the next generation of lady hunters and pride ourselves in equipping them with the best products,” she said.

The Weatherby Camilla™ is the perfect choice for the young ladies’ antelope hunt that The Sisterhood of the Outdoors offers each year. This particular hunt introduces four young ladies, ages 12 to 18, to their first big game spot and stalk hunt and is made possible through stellar partners like Weatherby®. The 2019 Youth hunt will take place in Gillette, Wyoming Oct 25th-29th. Each hunt is kicked off with a range day learning all about the Camilla™ rifle and reviewing gun safety, followed by three exciting days pursuing their game. The Sisterhood of the Outdoors aims to instill safe, responsible gun practices with all hunters.

According to Ray, “The future of hunting depends on us. We spend time teaching afield to create a learning experience for all our guests. We believe personal interaction is key to recruitment and retention, and we look forward to personally sharing the Camilla™ rifle with our hunters. While having a successful hunt is always our goal, the best way to improve success on our hunts is to put a Camilla™ rifle into the hands of our hunters and have them experience its women-specific design, amazing quality and accuracy first-hand. We have proven the Camilla™ was the perfect choice based on our success filling tags last season and believe this year’s hunts will be just as successful.”

About Weatherby, Inc.

Weatherby’s industry-leading performance spans more than 70 innovative years and three generations of family leadership. They hold a firm place in history as a leader in the rifle, ammunition, and shotgun industries. “Over the last 74 years, we have learned exactly what performance and craftsmanship look like together. It’s not a new concept; the fit and finish is just as important as the performance and function, but it does seem to be one that has been forgotten to make way for lower prices and higher margins. We think a firearm should feel even better after decades of use, not be a disposable tool that is easily replaced in just a season or two,” – Adam Weatherby, President & CEO.

About The Sisterhood of the Outdoors

The Sisterhood of the Outdoors is dedicated to empowering the next generation lady hunter, and we offer opportunities for women to learn to hunt, fish, and shoot. Please contact The Sisterhood of the Outdoors at for more information, visit our website at, and follow us on Facebook at