The Sisterhood Of The Outdoors Partners with Paramount Outdoors

Designing and Delivering a Line of Mossy Oak Women’s Camo

The Sisterhood Of The Outdoors (SOTO) owner, Amy Ray, recently joined the members of the Engineered Hunting Gear (EHG) hunting tribe at Paramount Outdoors (PAI Inc.) headquarters in Bourbon, Missouri, to design a new line of fall technical hunting gear.

The team spent time at the owner’s lodge in Missouri, turkey hunting for 2 mornings, followed by team meetings to develop the entire fall line of EHG, especially for women hunters. “We toured the facility and learned so much about PAI Inc. I love that it’s a family-owned company with state-of-the-art manufacturing,” said Ray. “Their agility to move quick to market is one of the reasons I wanted to partner with them.”

Ray believes the SOTO co-branded EHG launch is going to be amazing.  “For many years, SOTO has listened to the requests of its field staff, members, guests and followers. While we love that many companies have supported and developed great gear over the last decade, we feel strongly that women’s choices and fit still have much to be desired. Our survey data indicated a gap in no frills, simply functional gear that is priced for the average lady hunter and meets the needs of the most extreme conditions. Attention to detail and function are foremost in our mind during the development process,” said Ray.

She added, “We are also very excited to bring a ladies’ line to market with Mossy Oak camouflage. Mossy Oak has supported women in the outdoors for years and we appreciate the lifestyle and outdoor culture promoted by their brands.”

The Sisterhood of the Outdoors is dedicated to empowering the next generation lady hunter.  We offer opportunities for women to learn to hunt, fish and shoot.

If you would like more information on our trips, memberships or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Amy Ray, President at 706-847-6338 or email at 

The Engineered Hunting Gear Tribe is made up of an incredible talented team of members to wear test the apparel, headwear, gaiters and accessory products in the field, under all conditions and tactics and then employ their feedback into every garment made.
ENGINNERED HUNTING GEAR:  There is No Off Season when you’re Always Outside.

Having the best gear for our guest is always our goal.  We can’t wait to have more choices for women’s hunting clothes.  Paramount Outdoors is taking the industry by storm and we are proud to have them as our premier brand licensing partner.